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Our heritage is maritime and we are pioneers in this sector.
We provide worldwide advice and protection for all those operating at sea.

Armed Security | Indian Ocean | West Africa | South East Asia

Security Systems

We design and install bespoke security systems in super yachts, high value homes and in commercial property. Our advice also extends to IT and cyber security.

Yachts | Residential & Cyber Security

Risk Consulting

Our Risk Consulting department has a broad remit.  We help people and companies to operate through a combination of security advice and support  Our depth of knowledge is second to none.

ISPS Assessment | Kidnap & Ransom | Training | Ship Arrests & Disputes | Consulting

Physical & Asset Security

We provide close protection, residential security, security trained chauffeurs and VIP / event security.  Our staff and their skills set us apart from our competitors.

Close Protection | Chauffeur Support | Events & VIP | Residential Security


Your gateway to essential information about geopolitical events worldwide is coming soon

Knowledge of the world around us is vital to allow business decisions to be made or whether to travel on a vacation. MASTOPEDIA is a web portal that acts as a mini encyclopaedia to inform our readers about geopolitical and local events. Live reports from twitter and local sources make this an invaluable source of data for our clients.

Maritime Security

We provide real time monitoring and analysis the threats facing the maritime community in an easy to follow format.

Country Reports

Our focus is on specific countries to ensure that we can give our clients real time and relevant information on which to base their business decisions..

Risk Map

An exciting visual encyclopaedia of threats in real time. Subscribe for even more detail to inform your investment or travel decisions.

Travel Advice

At no time in recent history has travel been more widespread and knowing the threats and detail about a country is vital. Our relevant reports do just that.

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Physical and Asset Security
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Security Systems
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Maritime Security
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