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While the world is full of security and risk management companies there is a gap in the market for a company that can not only operate at each of these levels but can combine them in a seamless package. MAST fills this gap .

It combines strategic geopolitical analysis with a proven track record, both of security analysis and planning, and of actual implementation at the ground level. This expertise comes from the network that our staff have attained during their careers in the military, government and business. This spans advice to the C-suite down to the operational level

MAST can provide the holistic response required by the challenges posed today.

Our expertise is rooted in a profound understanding of the intricacies and challenges faced in complex global environments. This specialised knowledge positions us as a trusted advisor.

Whether on the High Seas or safeguarding tangible assets or people on land or offering strategic insight into the threats of the future, we have tailored solutions for every security challenge.


Our geopolitical advisory services are underpinned by extensive experience and a deep understanding of global political dynamics. We provide nuanced, informed advice to help our clients make informed decisions in a complex world.

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MAST Security is committed to upholding the highest industry standards. Our accreditations demonstrate our dedication to providing robust and reliable security solutions that protect your assets

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