Maritime Security

We are pioneers in maritime security and risk management.

MAST was one of the first companies to legally place private-armed guards on commercial ships and yachts.

MAST is able to support your security needs throughout the High-Risk Area (HRA) in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean as well as provide security services in the Gulf of Guinea and the Sulu Sea.

Our senior team have experience in maritime security gained from service in the Royal Navy as well as insurance and the law.

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Indian Ocean

Our flexible and efficient service allows us to fully protect our clients at short notice in the High Risk Area.

West Africa

Our experience in working with partners in the region make us the trusted provider for all your security needs on and offshore.

Sulu Sea

Through a Filipino partner we are able to offer to armed guard services in the Sulu Sea.


Your gateway to essential information about geopolitical events from around the world

Knowledge of the world around us is vital to allow business decisions to be made or whether to travel on a vacation. MASTOPEDIA is a web portal that acts as a mini encyclopaedia to inform our readers about geopolitical and local events. Live reports from twitter and local sources make this an invaluable source of data for our clients.

Maritime Risk Map

We provide real time monitoring and analysis the threats facing the maritime community in an easy to follow format.

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Country Reports

Our focus is on specific countries to ensure that we can give our clients real time and relevant information on which to base their business decisions..

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Risk Map & Travel Advice

An exciting visual encyclopaedia of threats in real time. Subscribe for even more detail to inform your investment or travel decisions.

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Risk Consulting

MAST has a enviable track record in delivering the right advice and guidance for clients.

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