Yacht Security

MAST has extensive experience in designing technical security systems for superyachts. Our teams have worked on new build yachts installing systems from scratch and refitting boats. Refits have included replacing and upgrading existing systems or retrofitting a brand-new system.

All our technical projects are bespoke and use MAST’s security controller software to combine a suite of sensors, cameras and locks into an integrated, intelligent security system.

MAST’s Technical division is driven by the vision that effective security is achieved by intelligent integration. We develop bespoke solutions which are tailored to match the unique.

MAST Security Controller & Interface

MAST has designed its own software and interface to manage sensors, cameras and locks. It is possible to integrate almost any IP-based hardware into the system.

The systems are controlled using MAST’s Security Interface; an intuitive, easy-to-use application typically installed on a touch screen display. The look and feel of the interface are fully customisable to suit the aesthetics of the yacht. For further information about the software, please click here.

For an interactive demonstration of an example interface please click here.

MAST Intelligent Deck Sensory Array

A unique system that provides intelligent deck sensors arranged in groups with digital signal processing and zero false alarms. The sensor array is scalable and connects to the MAST Security Interface or third-party alert systems.

Zoned areas and green routes can be created easily. For further information on deck sensors, please click here.

CCTV Systems

MAST provides the very latest in high resolution, low light, IR, and thermal image cameras were chosen for their proven success in the marine environment. We are also able to integrate alarm functionality with the MAST Security Interface to provide a fully integrated, easy to operate the system. For further detail on CCTV please click here.

Electronic Locking with Integration Package

A standalone or integrated electronic key-less locking solution for both internal and external access doors and hatches.

The MAST Security Controller or the yacht’s existing security system can manage to lock remotely. Door entry is provided by key-fobs with an option to add a key-pad to specified doors. For further detail on our electronic locks please click here.

MAST Vessel Lock-down & Green Route Capability

Using electronic locks, MAST’s Security Controller can provide a vessel-wide lock-down capability allowing all selected doors to lock or unlock with a single button press.

It is also able to provide green route access by unlocking a door and disabling a specific set of sensors to allow a person to board or depart the yacht without triggering any alarms. The system will either re-arm when activated manually or automatically after a specified period of time.

For further details of this functionality please click here.

Security Event Distribution and Reporting

With the capability to capture and report data from CCTV, deck sensors, access breach and system notifications, MAST’s configurable, real-time alarm reporting integrate with third-party monitoring systems including AMS, Ship’s Alarm Systems, crew radio, IP telephony, pagers, and others comms equipment. For further details please click here.


For a full list of boats completed by MAST since 2010 please click here.

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