MAST Vessel Lock-down & Green Route Capability

With indications available for external doors, central control established via the MAST security system and electronic locks it is possible to program the security system with several pre-planned functions to cope with common operational requirements.

Emergency Lock-Down

All doors can be locked (or unlocked) with a single button press from any one of the control stations within the yacht.

Day/Night Mode

The system can be programmed to arm automatically at pre-set times in the day.

Green Route Access

To join or leave the yacht when the system is armed the system MAST provides Green Route access. This function will unlock a specified door (usually the crew door) and disarm any sensors on the route to the passerelle. The system can re-arm either after a specified time period or by the person rearming the system once complete. To depart typically there would be a button by the planned exit door and to enter a key fob would need to be presented at the call box by the passerelle.


Different operational situations require different modes. Presets can be created for a variety of different situations.

As MAST’s Security Controller and Interface are completely customisable MAST can cope with almost any request.

Emergency Lock-Down Video

MAST’s Technical division is driven by the vision that effective security is achieved by intelligent integration. We develop bespoke solutions which are tailored to match the unique.

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Security Event Distribution and Reporting

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