MAST Security Controller

MAST has created its own in-house software and hardware package to deliver integrated security solutions.

The software is able to handle I/O processes of networked devices to provide central control and intelligent functionality. Sensors commonly integrated into the network are as follows:

  • Deck sensors and deck sensor arrays (steel decks)
  • PIR sensors
  • Microwave beams (GRP hulls)
  • CCTV alarms (motion detection or line cross detection)
  • Electronic locks
  • Door position and sensor status


Almost any sensor including IP enabled devices can be added to the network and controlled by the software making it completely flexible.

The software is designed to run as a standalone system on its own network with no requirement for an internet connection making the system completely secure. It can also support bridging for sending alarms and alerts to third party systems such as AMS, pagers, and crew radios. External connections can be made via a VPN for troubleshooting or maintenance purposes.

MAST Security Interface

The system is controlled by the MAST Security Interface; a purpose built, fully customizable, GUI which can be adapted to the look and feel required for each individual yacht. The intuitive, easy-to-use application is typically installed on touch screen PCs at multiple control stations.

For an interactive demonstration of an example interface please click here.

MAST’s Technical division is driven by the vision that effective security is achieved by intelligent integration. We develop bespoke solutions which are tailored to match the unique.

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