MAST has been involved in the following projects:

Year Yard Length Description
2007 Nobiskrug 67m Refit: consultancy, design, install (locks, sensors)
2010 A&R 78m Build: full platform (locks, sensors, CCTV)
2010 Amels 60m Refit: install, support (locks, passerelle management)
2011 Fincantieri 134m Build: install, support (locks)
2012 Perini Navi 53m Refit: design, install, support (locks, sensors, lockdown)
2013 Oceanco 85m Refit: consultancy, install, support (locks)
2013 Feadship 99m Build: security consultancy
2013 Lurssen 140m Refit(Abu Dhabi): design, install (locks)
2013 Vitters 37m Refit: design, install (locks)
2014 Elefsys 125m Build: design, install (locks)
2015 Pendennis 41m Refit: design, install (locks), support
2016 Overmarine 41m Build: full platform (locks, lockdown, sensors), support
2017 Amels 64m Build: security consultancy
2017 Confidential 75m Refit: design, install (locks, sensors, lockdown), support
2017 Confidential 52m Build: design, install (locks, sensors, lockdown)
2018 Confidential 50m Refit: design, install (CCTV and Security Management Platform)

MAST’s Technical division is driven by the vision that effective security is achieved by intelligent integration. We develop bespoke solutions which are tailored to match the unique.

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