Electronic Locking with Integration Package

MAST has pioneered the development of a variety of different electronic locks for the marine environment.

Our preferred choice for external doors is a solenoid lock produced by Magnet Schultz. The lock body and bolt sits in the door frame meaning the door does not require to be wired. They are IP65 rated, made of V4A stainless steel and provide the following indications:

  1. Door is open
  2. Door is closed
  3. Door is locked (bolt fully extended)
  4. Door is unlock (bolt fully retracted)


This provides the security system with a full suite of indications without the requirement for additional sensors. Door indications can be passed to other systems that require them.

The locks themselves are mechanically very simple, the solenoids are German made to a high specification and they have proved to be exceptionally reliable.

There are also bolts suitable for sliding doors and hatches with an option to create a custom locks using Magnet Schultz solenoids.

Wireless locks for both internal and external use are also available. These can be retro-fitted in any door with en existing cylinder lock. These locks can be kept as standalone entities or connected to a wireless network to provide a coordinated locking system.

For powered and hatches MAST can integrate with the door controller to act as a locking mechanism.

Fob readers are added to the door controller to control access locally. These can be combined with key-pads on specific doors.

MAST’s Technical division is driven by the vision that effective security is achieved by intelligent integration. We develop bespoke solutions which are tailored to match the unique.

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