Kidnap & Ransom

We work with our partner Arundel to provide global Kidnap and Ransom response services.

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Team & Experience

Arundel is an international company with an extensive track record in helping to solve deadlock and
more extreme kidnap cases. With particular experience in West Africa and Somalia and key partners in South America, we are ideally placed to support our clients. Our associate partner is Dragonfly Limited who have a long and successful history of solving Kidnap and Ransom cases in South America.

Our Approach

When advising our clients, Arundel operates according to a considered set of is response protocols refined by years’ of experience.

Our crisis response plan is designed to ensure the safety of the victim/s and those handling the crisis, help safeguard reputation and business continuity and bring about a successful outcome.

They include the deployment of response consultants at the start of a case to the Company Headquarters and the incident location, providing maximum levels of support during the critical early stages.

Arundel’s reputation for the successful resolution is well founded. We have operated across the world in numerous complex environments both on land and at sea.


Arundel provides response services for a wide range of security-related crisis incidents, including but not limited to, ship arrests and extortion, kidnap for ransom, illegal asset detention, marine piracy, cyber extortion and attack, terrorism and emergency political evacuation.

The first objective must always be saving life and resolving the crisis whilst at the same time protecting the security and confidentiality of our clients.

Our service and support stems from detailed local knowledge and experience in global security operations.

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