Close Protection

MAST provide the most elite Close Protection and bodyguard services throughout the UK and Worldwide.

MAST only recruit the very best operatives from the British military, including the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit, UK Special Forces and UK Police Special Operations teams.

Each Close Protection package is tailored and unique to an individual threat assessment and takes into account your lifestyle and needs. Whether its terrorism, extortion or the risk of kidnap to you, or your family. Our services are bespoke to your requirements.

We understand that discretion is key and our operatives are trained to be covert as well as overt depending on the situation and requirement. All of our operatives are highly qualified and hold both medical qualifications and UK SIA licenses in Close Protection.

Security Chauffeurs

Our support is more than offering you a person to drive your car.

We give you properly trained security drivers. There is a big difference. All our drivers are are ex British military or British Police and trained at the highest standard.

They are trained in evasive driving techniques, anti-ambush drills and have invaluable knowledge of London and
major cities. MAST caters for all our client’s needs, whether it be a standard chauffeur service or a security trained driver.

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Our physical security service is underpinned by the quality and experience of our staff

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Residential Security

MAST (Maritime Asset Security and Training Ltd) provide the highest quality Residential Security Teams (RST) within the UK and worldwide.

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