Physical & Asset Security

We offer physical protection that matches our clients needs.

We provide trained security personnel for a range of clients including casinos, hotels, nightclubs, sporting venues alongside our specialist full close protection teams. MAST also design and install technical solutions for residential and commercial properties.

MAST offers the complete security service.

Just call or email our team to discuss your requirements.

Call: +44 (0) 1279 874532

Our physical security service is underpinned by the quality and experience of our staff

Close Protection

MAST’s Close Protection service is tailored to the individual’s unique threat assessment, we use only the most professional operatives from the British Military and Police Force.

Door Supervision

We want to ensure that customers are free to enjoy their surroundings, whilst we deliver a security service where our experts are trained to implement statutory and establishments rules.

Security Guarding

Prior to engagement MAST instigates a free risk assessment to ensure each of our clients receive a suitable and adequate security service.


MAST deliver a unique approach to training services, forged from a long and proven track record across the world.


We can help to make your special event just that; special and without any security or safety incidents.

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Residential Security

MAST (Maritime Asset Security and Training Ltd) provide the highest quality Residential Security Teams (RST) within the UK and worldwide.

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