Indian Ocean

MAST has an extensive logistical set up in the Indian Ocean region and since 2008 has conducted over 6000 transits for commercial shipping without failure.

We own our own firearms and equipment and we are fully licensed by the UK authorities including having permission to operate on UK flagged ships.

Our manpower mix is designed to offer our clients the choice of support matching their own crews more closely thus allowing for tighter integration of the teams.

All the men are fully insured and work regularly for MAST.

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MAST Premium Team

Primarily used for transits with Oil Majors and super yachts, the MAST Premium Team offers the highest levels of skills and experience MAST can offer.

MAST Major + Team

British Team Leader and Asian Team Members. A MAST Major+ offers the skills and experience of a British Team Leader with the most cost effective Team Members.

MAST Major Team

A European Team Leader and Asian Team Members. Experienced European Team Leaders offered as an alternative to UK Team Leaders.

MAST Choice Team

An all Asian Team with a Gurkha Team Leader. MAST’s most cost effective option.


We have an office in Sri Lanka and this allows us to fully train and integrate our staff into the routine. It also makes sure that our operations run smoothly 24 hours a day.


MAST is in full compliance with the UK Open General Trading Licence, has Section 5 clearance under the UK Firearms Act and operates in compliance with all Flag and Port States in relation to the management and movement of its firearms.

All MAST Firearms are Browning BAR Match Semi-Automatic Rifles in the 30-06 calibre.


BIMCO Associate Members (PMSC)


Security in Complex Environments Group (SCEG)

The Security in Complex Environments Group (SCEG) is a Special Interest Group, for security companies who are committed to the development and implementation of international standards for the private security sector. SCEG companies are well regulated, compliant have embraced international security standards and protecting human rights is at the core of their business models.

djibouti port


Djibouti Port requires a security company to apply for a license prior to entering the port with an armed security team embarked. This can be done on an individual transit basis at a cost of $5,000 per visit, or the company can buy a monthly license which allows unlimited visits to Djibouti Port.

MAST holds a monthly Djibouti license; this means we are extremely competitive for transits visiting this port.

COVID-19 Logistics Update

28Jul20 COVID Update

Weekly Intelligence Report

Our free intelligence report provides shippers with a weekly round up of security related events by region.

Marine Risk Map

Check the latest incidents in the Indian Ocean using the live feed from our Marine Risk Map.

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