Our Counter Piracy staff

MAST Premium Team – British

Primarily used for transits with Oil Majors, the MAST Premium Team offers the highest levels of skills and experience MAST can offer.

MAST Major – Mixed Team

A European Team Leader and Asian Team Members. A slightly lower cost option compared to a MAST Major+ Team, the MAST Major teams are proving ever more popular. Our Eastern European Team Leaders have received excellent feedback from Masters. This option works particularly well when the Master and Officers are also Eastern European.

MAST Major + – Mixed Team

British Team Leader and Asian Team Members. A MAST Major+ offers the skills and experience of a British Team Leader with the most cost effective Team Members.

MAST Choice Team

An all Asian Team with a Gurkha Team Leader. MAST’s most cost effective option. MAST Choice Teams are growing in popularity as cost saving becomes a priority.

Our Physical Security Staff

All Close Protection and Door Supervisors are vetted and approved in accordance with the SIA regulations and BS 7858

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