Residential and Asset Protection

Residential and Asset Protection –

MAST (Maritime Asset Security and Training Ltd) provide the highest quality Residential Security Teams (RST) within the UK and worldwide. All our operatives are ex British military and have extensive security experience in both hostile and non-hostile environments.

The benefits of a residential security team are not always obvious. An RST is not the budget option, but when balanced against the safety of your family or the potential theft of high value or irreplaceable assets such as fine art, prestige cars or jewellery, it may be the most prudent choice. It’s certainly valued by your insurance underwriter.

CCTV monitoring, alarm response, access control, patrolling grounds and dealing with all aspects of residential security are the most commonly known roles for the RST operative, however, roles can extend as far as required for the client’s individual requirement.

MAST also provide state of the art security systems in order to, enable the residential operative to carry out his/her role with the highest proficiency.

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