Knifeman stabs tourists in Jerash

Jordan attack: Knifeman stabs Mexican tourists in Jerash

A knifeman has injured four foreign tourists and two other people in an attack in the Jordanian city of Jerash, security sources say.

Three Mexicans and a Swiss national were hurt along with a tour guide and a security guard in the popular tourist destination.

The suspected attacker was arrested nearby, police say.

Jerash, home to a well-preserved ancient Roman site, draws thousands of foreign visitors every year.

Videos on social media show one woman lying bleeding on the ground and another woman in a blood-stained shirt.

An American tourist, Marco Junipero Serra, told the BBC the person who had carried out the attack was dressed all in black and had his face covered with a mask.

The attacker jumped a fence at the site at around 11:00 (09:00 GMT) and began stabbing people indiscriminately, the witness said.

According to Mr Serra, police did not lock down the site during the incident, and people were still free to walk in and out.

One of those injured was Ali El Agrabawi, the driver of a tourist bus. At Jerash hospital he told reporters he had been stabbed while trying to stop the assailant from entering a cafeteria full of tourists.

Jordan, viewed as a relatively safe destination, heavily depends on its tourism industry.

According to country’s tourism board, the country is home to 21,000 archaeological and historical sites.


The Roman city of Gerasa and the modern Jerash (in the background). Via Wikipedia/Bernard Gagnon

The Roman city of Gerasa and the modern Jerash (in the background). Via Wikipedia/Bernard Gagnon

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