Coronavirus poses security risk to yachts

Secure at Sea: Coronavirus poses security risk to yachts

by Corey D. Ranslem

It isn’t typical for a security columnist to write about the outbreak of a virus or disease. However, this column is called [email protected], and understanding the basics of the novel coronavirus outbreak is important to the overall safety and security of any vessel, including a large yacht.

Throughout my time in the Coast Guard, we dealt with the common cold or an occasional intestinal viral outbreak on board our cutters. One thing I learned very quickly is that if one person got sick on board, several people on board would have some type of symptoms. This is true for cargo ships, cruise lines and large yachts. The fact that cruise lines have the highest incident of viral outbreaks is due to the number and movement of passengers in such a short time period. You typically don’t see this with large yachts, but it can happen.

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