MAST Associates is a seperate specialist company but very much part of the MAST family.

MAST Associates provide a suite of arms-length services to clients in the maritime and extractive industry sectors.

We are there to support your business and solve your problems before or after they happen. We are a 'troubleshooter'.

Operating in complex environments is a challenge and MAST associates have the experience and connections to guide you through any security, legal or commercial difficulties.

We are part of the wider MAST Group and have the experience and resources to call upon to offer global support.

Our people come from a variety of background including insurance, the legal profession, the military, former Ambassadors and commerce.


Dispute and Conflict Resolution


We help ship operators mitigate difficult situations in complex environments, typically when ships or other assets have been detained and there is a background of deadlock, conflict or duress.

Our modus operandi

Our methodology is based on deep roots in commercial shipping and P&I combined with a scrupulous attention to context and the local 'environment' in its widest sense. Our objective is to promote insight between parties and create real and safe options that clients can live with.

We have worked for ship operators, P&I clubs and other insurers, Flag States and private investors, in some of the world's most challenging locations.

Extractive industries

We help clients discharge corporate social responsibilities by scoping out local concerns and sensibilities at the critical pre-deployment phase and by arms-length representations on their behalf on the ground.

Logistics infrastructure projects

Complex Environments

We help public and private clients perform feasibility studies and make arms-length representations on their behalf on the ground in difficult environments where it is impossible or inappropriate for their employees to attend in person.

Our team members have performed feasibility studies for both public and private clients in the following sea ports: Umm Qasr (2003), Mogadishu (2006), Kismayo (2008) and Hobyo (2011).

Loss Adjusting


We help ship operators and marine insurers pursue difficult recovery claims, including claims in General Average.


We help companies and cyber security insurers investigate high level, deep penetration breaches of cyber security including data theft, identity theft, misrepresentation and distortion.

International legal and dispute support

Through our partnership with Omnia a specialist legal business led by Mrs Cherie Blair QC and the Ambassador Partnership, a specialist dispute and commercial resolution business staffed by over 12 former British Diplomats, we are able to offer global legal and commercial support to help solve complex deadlock and business disputes.

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