MAST has a specialist department that deals exclusively with helping the shipping community manage the hijack/kidnap and ransom experience, from sourcing information about the hijackers, conflict dialogue and managing threats to managing the media, the  practicalities of a ransom situation and preventative measures for the future. Our objective is to ensure that the client's negotiation remains focussed and brought to a successful conclusion without unnecessary loss of time, injury avoidance and reduced financial impact.

MAST delivers proven and flexible response methodologies for all stages of an incident. We can also support detailed contingency planning and can act either in an advisory or front line role.

MAST response

MAST Response specialises in assisting ship operators and their insurers to deal with complicated or deadlocked commercial  situations in difficult or extreme environments.

MAST have tried and tested procedures and contacts in place to assist by providing extra reach, working with the ship operator's lawyers, agents and P&I correspondents, rather than as an alternative.

Our experience extends from the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean to cases in West Africa and South America through our partners Dragon Fly (based in Brazil).