South East Asia Services

Leveraging MAST's vast experience in the Indian Ocean and BMP4 MAST's Counter Piracy Services in South East Asia are designed to suit the differing requirements of individual vessels and owners.

  • Variety of security solutions available to suit the vessel and owner.
  • Approved by IMT/Exxon as a maritime security supplier.
  • Fully compliant with international and legal standards.
  • With an office in Singapore MAST has a presence locally and fully understands the threat and the operational issues ships face when trying to guard against the threat.
  • Unique local supplier base to enable a variety of different protection systems.

MAST can offer a tailored security solution to meet the requirements of the vessel and it's operational schedule.

Note: Armed teams are also available but there are logistical and legal constraints that need to be considered carefully prior to their employment.

BIMCO notice  
Ref: IMB/PRC/Alert – 173/2017 100600 UTC OCT 2017

To: All ships transiting Tawi Tawi/North East Sabah waters /Celebes Sea / Sulu Sea / Southern Philippines

Warning Warning Warning

ASG planned kidnapping in Sabah waters and coastal areas

Philippine intel revealed that Sulu-based ASG is planning to conduct kidnapping in Sabah coastal areas; or seajacking in Tawi-Tawi-Sabah waters anytime starting 10 Oct. The group has already prepared a jungkong-type speed boat colored blue with three mega engines (200hp). As of 08 Oct, said speedboat is positioned somewhere in the coastal area of Parang, Sulu.

Further information disclosed that the group's priority targets are Korean nationals aboard Korean sea vessels passing by Tawi-Tawi-Sabah waters.

At the moment, it is not clear if the priority target is a Korean vessel passing by Tawi-Tawi-Sabah waters or Korean nationals/tourists in Sabah. If they are unable to target Korean vessels, they may target other nationalities.

All vessels are strongly advised to beef up their anti-piracy watches and security measures on board their vessels. keep clear of jungkong-type speed boat colored blue with three mega engines. Report all attacks to local authorities and to the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre

Standing Threat Assessment

While the oft-proposed joint patrols have yet to take place in any meaningful way, the spike in activity by Abu Sayyaf militants will not be allowed to go unchallenged by the regional authorities. President Duterte's latest threat, where he suggested hostages may become collateral damage, is the latest in a series of troubling remarks which the shipping industry must contend with. MAST waits to see whether the Navy will actually adopt the policy.

A recognised Transit Corridor has been proposed which would provide a measure of protection to shipping in the Sulu/Celebes area and a joint working group comprising representatives from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines is discussing the measures as part of a Graduated Response Program, or GRP, with distance-based multiple layers of security around commercial vessels.

Given their history of suppressing piracy in the region when acting as a group, MAST hopes that these moves by Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia will shortly stem acts of piracy. Until they are enforced, MAST strongly urges all ships transiting the region to enforce BMP4 measures, increase watches and liaise with regional naval forces to ensure they are aware of your position should an incident occur. MAST believes that the more robust approach being proposed in the region will force Abu Sayyaf militants to return to their more local crimes where they are more easily contained by the authorities.

Security Training

Security Training

Many ships that work locally in SE Asia have not had the experience of preparing for and conducting transits through the High Risk Areas in the Indian Ocean. Additional security measures and training for the crew in security awareness can significantly reduce the security risk to the vessel.

MAST is offering a highly experienced Team Leader to join your vessel ...READ MORE

Unarmed Security Team

Unarmed Security Team

With minimum manning and busy schedules ship's crews work very hard. They lack the time to properly focus on security and conduct effective 24 hour watches especially while at anchor.

An unarmed security team can provide the Master and Crew with ...READ MORE

Armed Escort Boat

Armed Escort Boat

For vessels where the threat of an armed attack is very high, MAST can provide a high speed escort boat with an armed team embarked. This works well for short passages through the South China Sea and Malacca as the distance rarely amounts to more than a one day passage ...READ MORE