We offer a bespoke risk based communications assurance package.

All your communications and your conversations are subject to a risk of exploitation from intruders or those wishing to gain access to information of either a professional or private nature.

Discrete, rapid and targeted identification and elimination of electronic surveillance devices to ensure that the vessel remains secure from prying and invasive parties. Often undertaken post yard/contractor involvement but can be rapidly deployed upon request to any desired location.

Our highly skilled communications security (COMSEC) team, trained by UK Government departments will provide you and your crew with the knowledge to protect on board communication systems from intelligence collection activities; identify best practice and provide you with the skills to ensure your privacy remains intact.

Services include:

  • Introduction to Technical Surveillance and Counter-Measures (TSCM)
  • TSCM best practice relevant to your vessel
  • TSCM support and survey
  • Communications exploitation – the external threat
  • Communication exploitation best practice