Diving project - Central Asia

MAST were engaged to train special forces personnel from a Central Asian Country to be Combat Divers. The contract was in partnership with a US Prime Contractor.

Coastguard training - Middle East

MAST were contracted as part of a defence offset programme to train in excess of 600 coastguard personnel in boarding and constabulary techniques.

Port security assessment - Africa Minerals - Sierra Leone

MAST were enaged to train port personnel and to assess the newly enhanced facilty for ISPS Compliance.

Extracton of Kidnapped Ships Crew

MAST were engaged on behalf of a shipowner to assist in extraction of personnel kidnapped in Nigeria.

Embarkation of armed personnel - commercial shipping

MAST has provided armed protection for over 5000 ships across the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden.

Installation of security systems - yachts

MAST were contracted to design and install the security systems for a 75m yacht built in Germany. This is one of numerous projects sucessfully delivered since 2008.

Negotiation on behalf of protection and indemnity clubs

Support to the insurance industry in cases involving ship arrest and complex disputes in hostile unregulated jurisdictions.