MAST is a leading risk management and security company with a strong international presence and the ability to provide round the clock security support in complex environments.  The Company also has an excellent track record in the design and installation of bespoke security systems in the yacht and high end residential market.

This service and support is delivered via an ethos that is rooted in a determination to understand what our clients need, to shape and tailor the service and then allow our clients to go about their business unhindered and with confidence.  

MAST has consistently demonstrated its professionalism in delivering a complex service for its clients time and time again.

The shareholders, directors and staff are a key part of the trusted culture of MAST where integrity is vital, particularly in such a sensitive area of business.

Whilst MAST's service is about the delivery of security this is always done in the context of respect for human rights and the environment in which we work.

Making the world a safer place to live and work