EU nations authorized their vessels to unlawfully fish in African waters

WRITTEN BY Abdi Latif Dahir

For more than three years, European Union members states authorized unlawful fishing activities off the coast of Africa in contravention of common regional laws and policies, a new report shows.

Oceana, the largest international advocacy organization for ocean conservation, said that Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain violated the laws of the European Common Fisheries Policy by awarding private fishing authorizations to vessels, which granted them access to waters in The Gambia and Equatorial Guinea. Using an online monitoring tool, Oceana recorded 19 EU-flagged vessels that illegally fished for almost 32,000 hours in African waters from April 2012 through to August 2015.

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Flow of Migrants to Italy Slows, but Nobody Knows Why


LONDON — The main route to Europe is experiencing one of its longest lulls since the migration crisis began in 2014.

Just over 4,000 migrants have reached Italy from Libya since mid-July, about a fifth of the number during each of the equivalent periods of 2014, 2015 and 2016, according to the Italian Interior Ministry.

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‘Next time you will be targeted’: Libyan coast guard threatens migrant rescue ship

Nick Miller

London: A Spanish aid group rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean say they have been threatened with being shot at by a Libyan coast guard ship.

And one of their boats is currently stranded in international waters, after being banned from two European ports. Proactiva Open Arms posted a video of the incident to their Twitter feed, which can be found here:

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Migrants feared drowned off Morocco

Around 50 migrants are feared to have drowned in waters off the Moroccan coast, the Spanish coastguard has said.

Rescue services managed to retrieve three “exhausted and disorientated” men from a half-sunk rubber dinghy near Spain’s Alboran Island.

It is believed many more were originally on board.

A coastguard spokeswoman said they had likely drowned, adding that rescuers were still surveying the water where the boat was found.

The survivors are aged between 17 and 25, and from sub-Saharan Africa. They have been taken to hospital in Almeria, southern Spain.

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More than 200 migrants feared drowned in Mediterranean

More than 200 migrants are feared dead in a boat sinking off the coast of Libya, a Spanish aid organisation says.

Proactiva Open Arms said it had recovered five bodies floating near two capsized boats, which can each hold more than 100 people.

The group’s Laura Lanuza said the five they pulled from the Mediterranean were young men who appeared to have drowned.

A spokesman for Italy’s coast guard, which co-ordinates rescues, confirmed the five deaths.

But he told the BBC that they could not confirm the estimates of deaths given by Proactiva, and said they had received no distress calls from any boats.

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Spain coast guard rescues 257 migrants trying to cross Mediterranean

The Spanish coast guard rescued 257 migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe from Morocco in inflatable dinghies in an “intense weekend,” they said Monday, February 27, according to AFP.

Sunday evening was particularly difficult with five boats carrying 210 people from sub-Saharan Africa rescued, while the remaining 47 were recovered from their dinghies on Saturday afternoon, a spokeswoman for the coast guard told AFP.

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Increased security at jam-packed Mallorcan ports

Increased traffic has meant a similar increase in inspections. 

Matt Ford

THE National Police has increased inspections of pleasure craft at marinas and yacht clubs around the island since the level four antiterrorism alert was put in place in mid-2015.

A statement released on Thursday, September 29, revealed that a whopping 16,400 such vessels have visited Mallorca in a little over 12 months.

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Spanish aid group rescues 277 refugees off Libyan coast

An aid group has rescued 277 refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea in a dangerous attempt to reach Europe.

Proactiva Open Arms said on Saturday that its staff had rescued the refugees from two unseaworthy dinghies and one wooden fishing boat off the coast of Libya, 30 kilometers (18 miles) to north of the city of Sabratah.

The Spain-based non-governmental humanitarian organization said at least one body was recovered during the rescue operation.

Maoulit, 19, from Somalia had died of tuberculosis during the journey, according to the NGO, which cited his family members traveling with him.

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