MAST Ltd new security services – Drug, Explosive Detection and Guard Dog Unit capability

Maritime Asset Security and Training (MAST) Ltd, are now rolling out the latest addition to our bespoke security services package.

Should you be holding a large private event, large corporate event, attending film premieres, or require a pre screen of a venue for explosives, MAST ltd now offer our dog unit services.

Much like our Close Protection and Residential security officers, our handlers are British ex-police or ex-army and trained to the highest standard. All are SIA-licensed and NASDU trained, undertaking monthly continuation training and assessments to ensure both handlers and dogs are performing effectively and in the case of detection work, familiar with the latest substances. Our training and assessments are in accordance with the latest British Standards* for the use of detection dogs.

MAST ltd now offer dog unit services which include, drug detection, explosive detection and standard guard dog and patrolling services.

Should you require any of these services please email your request to or call our office on +44 1279 666093.

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