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MAST Technology/Super Yacht Security

MAST yacht security is a specialist division of Maritime Asset Security and Training (MAST) Ltd, a market leading security organisation that provides specialist global security services for the maritime community.

MAST has extensive experience in designing the security architecture for a yacht or advising on the existing technical and physical security arrangements in place. View our videos below or on YouTube to see what cutting edge technology we can supply to Super Yachts.


Perimeter defence system for Super Yachts.


Perimeter protection for Super Yachts.


Electronic locks for Super Yachts.


Secure gangway access for Super Yachts.


Secure emergency lockdown for Super Yachts.


MAST Complete Airport Security Solution


MAST Media Releases

MAST CEO Phillip Cable has featured a number of times giving interviews on TV and Radio stations, discussing the latest in the Maritime environment and giving his opinion regarding each of these matters. View our videos below or on YouTube.


Phillip Cable talking about MAST ahead of Boat International


Phillip Cable on Channel 4 news, inside Somalia with Pirates.


Phillip Cable on Russian TV giving his thought on a missing ship.


Video detailing what MAST does to protect the maritime environment.


Phillip Cable on UK radio station Jazz FM. Giving an insight to his professional career and MAST as a maritime security company.


Gerry Northwood appears on ITV News.