Malaysia says foils hijacking of Thai tanker, 10 pirates arrested

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysian authorities thwarted the hijacking of a Thai oil tanker on Thursday and arrested 10 suspected Indonesian pirates on board the ship, a maritime security agency commander said.

A special team from the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) stormed the MT Tanker MGT1, off the coast of the northeastern state of Terengganu, nearly 10 hours after it was reported missing on Wednesday.

While the 10 were detained on the tanker, three suspects on a smaller boat nearby managed to escape, and an MMEA vessel has been sent to find them, the agency’s chief, Maritime Admiral Zulkifli Abu Bakar, said in a statement.

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Lisa Forte, Cyber Protect Officer for the Police Cyber Crime Unit in the UK, speaks to MAST on key cyber threats to the maritime industry

Lisa Forte, a Cyber Protect Officer for the Police Cyber Crime Unit in the UK, is onboard with MAST’s cyber awareness campaign. Lisa comments and advises on 2 key threats and the fundamentals of protecting from cyber-attacks. This article follows on from MAST’s recent co-presenting on maritime cyber security with Shipowners P&I Club. A link to the webinar can be found below the article.

Tackling the cyber threats to the maritime sector
There’s a plethora of information on the cyber threat to the maritime industry. It is argued that attackers could take over your guidance and positioning systems and steer your ship wherever they want. Or that attackers could hold your port to ransom by stopping all your automated processes. This is all true, and some of these complicated attacks may have already happened in some limited cases. Whilst you should devote time and attention to mitigating these potential threats, a risk assessment of the cyber landscape shows that we need to focus on the real cyber-crimes that are happening right here, right now. In my role I see the same attacks used across all industry sectors. The majority of cyber threats are indiscriminate. They don’t care if you are an orthodontist or an oil carrier. As long as you have money and you have internet connected devices then you are a target.

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The developing security situation in the HRA

With the next inter-monsoon period starting mid-September, we believe it is time to take a fresh appreciation of the security situation in the HRA. We think this is especially important given that during the last March to May inter-monsoon period several Pirate Action Groups (PAG’s) put to sea, as well as there being a second demonstrated terrorist attempt.

The following report reviews each threat location and type in turn.

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