MV OS 35 Piracy Incident IntRep

Incident Report

On the 8th April, Tuvalu-flagged bulk carrier OS 35 was approached by a skiff with pirates on board. OS 35 came 0’E close to Point B in the IRTC, around 135nm NW of Socotra Island. OS 35’s Master and crew stopped the engines and retreated to the Citadel. The MV was left drifting. Vessels within VHF range heard reports that there was a fire on-board and that one crew member had been killed. The pirates were heard using VHF to order the crew out of the citadel.

The United Kingdom’s Maritime Trade Organisation (UKMTO) reported the incident to Commander Maritime Forces (US Led Coalition based in Bahrain) and they co-operated with Chinese and Indian warships which came to the aid of the OS 35. The Chinese reporting suggests that Chinese military forces, supported by an Indian helicopter regained control of the vessel. It is likely that some of the pirates were arrested by the Chinese, although it is understood that some did manage to escape.

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