MAST Security Training and Development

Maritime Asset Security and Training (MAST) Ltd, has an extensive training department dedicated to raising standards in both maritime and port security and physical security guarding and door supervision.

MAST ltd has an SIA licenced training department offering training to commercial businesses, private staff, councils, governments and overseas authorities.

MAST can deliver physical training for the following courses:

  • Basic Security awareness (hotel staff, office staff etc)
  • Level 2 Security Guarding
  • Level 2 Door Supervision
  • First Aid at work (FAW)
  • Emergency First Aid at work (EFAW)

All courses are built for the requirement of our client and delivered and examined by MAST trainers, and are assessed and awarded by Highfield awarding body.

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MAST Ltd new security services – Drug, Explosive Detection and Guard Dog Unit capability

Maritime Asset Security and Training (MAST) Ltd, are now rolling out the latest addition to our bespoke security services package.

Should you be holding a large private event, large corporate event, attending film premieres, or require a pre screen of a venue for explosives, MAST ltd now offer our dog unit services.

Much like our Close Protection and Residential security officers, our handlers are British ex-police or ex-army and trained to the highest standard. All are SIA-licensed and NASDU trained, undertaking monthly continuation training and assessments to ensure both handlers and dogs are performing effectively and in the case of detection work, familiar with the latest substances. Our training and assessments are in accordance with the latest British Standards* for the use of detection dogs.

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Executive, Luxury Travel Security from MAST (Maritime Asset Security and Training) Ltd

Founded in 2005, Maritime Asset Security and Training (MAST) Ltd have built a worldwide reputation in the provision of super yacht, maritime security and luxury security services. MAST Ltd pride themselves on the provision of bespoke luxury security services, whether it be close protection bodyguards, security trained chauffeurs, residential security or high end events security.

MAST Ltd are exclusively expanding within the travel industry and can provide close protection bodyguards to accompany your clients worldwide on leisure or business trips.

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Security Fencing and Gating – MAST Ltd Security Services

Maritime Asset Security and Training (MAST) Ltd supply and install security fencing and gating anywhere in the UK. Using industry leaders in security fencing, MAST Ltd have the capability of securing any type of property using Security Weld Mesh Fencing, Low, Medium and High Security Fencing, Decorative Fencing and Access Solutions (gates), which are renowned across the world for their design appeal and performance excellence.

Residential, Commercial, Educational facilities, public transport or temporary fencing, whatever the security requirment MAST Ltd have the ability to provide.

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High End Luxury Security Services

Maritime Asset Security and Training (MAST) Ltd provide high end luxury security services around the world.

In London in 2017, the demand and requirement for private security services is on the rise. This is inevitably down to the increased security threat the UK has had to face over the past 6 months, seeing a number of high profile terrorist attacks in our major cities.

Maritime Asset Security and Training (MAST) Ltd provide a wide range of security solutions, to enable a business or leisure establishment to safeguard their staff and clients.

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MAST Special events security

Special Events –

Maritime Asset Security and Training (MAST) Ltd provide all your high-end event security requirements. Whether it is a private party that needs access control, or a high-end sporting event, MAST can tailor any operation to your needs. We can provide security guards and stewards, as well as high end close protection bodyguards and chauffeurs, taking away the need for planning, and worry, about you, and your guests security.

Security Trained Chauffeurs and Drivers

Security Chauffeur’s –

MAST (Maritime Asset Security and Training Ltd) provide some of the highest trained drivers/chauffeur’s within the UK and worldwide.

All our drivers are security screened, and have impeccable capabilities and experience. Our drivers are trained in evasive driving techniques, anti-ambush drills and have invaluable knowledge of London and major cities worldwide.

MAST caters for all our client’s requirements, whether it be a standard chauffer service with or without a vehicle, or if you wish to have a security trained driver, to provide a low-profile security presence. All our security trained drivers are ex British military or British Police and trained at the highest standard.

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Residential and Asset Protection

Residential and Asset Protection –

MAST (Maritime Asset Security and Training Ltd) provide the highest quality Residential Security Teams (RST) within the UK and worldwide. All our operatives are ex British military and have extensive security experience in both hostile and non-hostile environments.

The benefits of a residential security team are not always obvious. An RST is not the budget option, but when balanced against the safety of your family or the potential theft of high value or irreplaceable assets such as fine art, prestige cars or jewellery, it may be the most prudent choice. It’s certainly valued by your insurance underwriter.

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Bespoke Close Protection Packages

Close Protection

MAST (Maritime Asset Security and Training Ltd) provide the most elite Close Protection and bodyguard services throughout the UK and Worldwide. MAST only recruit the very best operatives from the British military and Police, including specialists, such as the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit, UK Special Forces and UK Police Diplomatic and Royal Protection teams.

Each Close Protection package is tailored and unique to an individual threat assessment and considers your lifestyle and needs. Whether its terrorism, extortion or the risk of kidnap to you, or your family. Our services are bespoke to your requirements.

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