MAST Intelligence Report Series 20/04/16

Issue 21 of the series continues to follow the developing conflicts in Yemen and Libya, instability around the Mediterranean, as well as detailing reports on security instances and news from around the World.

Includes MAST’s comment on the recent skiff sighting and assesses the potential for a Pirate Action Group to be operating in the Indian Ocean sea lanes.

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Somali Piracy Deja Vu

Watching recent news stories unfold about the Indian Ocean, and Somali piracy in particular, I am struck by the passage of time. It is over four years since the French yacht “Tribal Kat” was attacked and the pirates arrested. It is only this week that sentences have been passed by a French judge.

On a personal note, it is nine years since I was caught up in the eviction of the Union of Islamic Courts from Somalia. I was Chief of Staff to CTF 150, a counter-terror Task Force, at the time and our ships patrolled the coast of Somalia to prevent Islamists escaping by sea. Even then there was an emerging Somali piracy threat, which erupted as a serious problem for shipping in 2008. Consequently EUNAVFOR was formed to provide escorts for World Food Programme vessels and to protect commercial shipping in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean.

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