Cocktail of global security threats pose real danger to maritime environment, MAST warns

Conflicts and tensions in the Middle East, Far East and North and sub-Saharan Africa pose a real threat to the maritime environment and some of the world’s most important shipping lanes, maritime security company MAST has warned today.

Concern over the decision to reduce the High Risk Area (HRA) in the western Indian Ocean, conflicts in Yemen and Libya and tensions around the Spratly Islands should be viewed as serious threats to the shipping industry and global trade, MAST believe.

The stability of Somalia and Yemen are intrinsically linked and the two countries border either side of the Gulf of Aden, a major shipping route into Europe, the security company says. The reduction of the HRA in the western Indian Ocean, despite the retained capability of Somali coastal communities to launch pirate attacks, combined with their collaboration with some in Yemen at the height of the attacks in 2008/09, makes the area a potentially dangerous route for commercial vessels and trade into Europe.

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