India and Seychelles work together to combat piracy in Indian Ocean

In a move to combat piracy in the Indian Ocean and to create a safer maritime environment, both India and Seychelles have announced a new initiative to commit resources to bring security to the Western Indian Ocean.

This follows the recent changes to internationally recognised security policy in the Indian Ocean at the close of 2015. In December, the maritime community scaled down the size of the Best Management Practice (BMP 4) High Risk Area (HRA) in the western Indian Ocean. This was followed closely by the Joint War Committee (JWC) at Lloyd’s of London reducing the size of the corresponding insurance HRA.

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There are lessons to be learnt by Shipping and Security companies from the Seaman Guard Ohio case.

Gerry Northwood OBE, COO of maritime security company MAST and former Royal Navy counter piracy commander, comments on the detention of six British nationals in India who were employed as armed guards aboard ships in the Indian Ocean:  

It is well understood across the international community and in the shipping industry that the armed guarding of commercial shipping plays a key role, alongside the presence of naval military patrols and industry approved Best Management Practice 4, in keeping Somali piracy in the Indian Ocean suppressed.

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